Positioned For Deception By Dr. D.K Olukoya

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Pastor D. K. Olukoya

Positioned For Deception By Dr. D.K Olukoya

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Listen to me with the inner ear and the outer ear. Deception is a deliberate action to make something false to appear as if it is real. Deception is a lie made in such a way that the liar deliberately makes it appear as though it is true. Any person making a lie is called a liar or a deceiver. The master deceiver is the devil. The Bible says he is the father of lies, and when he speaks, he speaks lies. He is the patron and president in the school of deception.

The Bible says evil men shall become worse, they shall change their gear to gear 5, deceiving and being deceived. Deception has affected so many people, made them to depart from the faith. It attracts seduction and brings people into the doctrine of the devil. It breaks down integrity and makes people to speak in hypocrisy and teach very strange doctrines.

This is a very very serious matter. But if the devil should come to the street with 2 horns on the head, and a long tail like a serpent, and with horrible face, nobody will follow him.

So he will not come in that format. Rather, he will come looking beautiful or handsome in order to deceive. Meaning that you could go to a place and find the man carrying a Bible, but that Bible is just a masquerade to give you the impression that he is calling on the Living God. But it is a lie. They know that if they stand on that pulpit and bring out a book and you look at that book and you find the skull of a man, everybody will run out of that church.

They will not come with the actual book which they read. They come with the Bible. But immediately they open that Bible and begin to speak, anyone with the Holy Spirit and discernment at all will know that they are not speaking from the Almighty God, neither have they had any contact with the writer of the scriptures. So, once they open their mouths, discerning people will know that they are just playing. There are pastors in this nation who do not even qualify to be Sunday school teachers in MFM.

When they start talking, you find out that they do not know anything about the scriptures, they are just using the Bible to cover up.

Listen, Jesus said that many false prophets shall arise and they shall deceive many. Sin has a capacity to deceive and ask you to keep going. This is why some people say “I will stop drinking” or “I will stop smoking after some time” but they never stop. Then there is another dangerous version called self deception, where you are deceiving your own self. It can be a terrible thing when you are lying to yourself and deceiving yourself.

There are many terrible teachers. There are deceiving teachers. There are all kinds of things that are happening to men now.

So, to deceive then is:

  • To mislead.
  • To misguide.
  • To dupe.
  • To fraud.
  • To cheat.
  • To double cross.
  • To take advantage of a person.
  • To false persuade a person.
  • To lead a person astray.
  • To give a false impression.

I pray the Lord God will deliver us from every deception, in the name of Jesus.

Jesus gave warnings against this deception. He said “many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.” These warnings of Jesus are not to be taken lightly. If you take it lightly, you put your soul in danger. And listen to me and listen very well: the greatest danger is not sickness, or poverty, or bad government. It is deception that is the greatest danger of the age. Once you cannot discern the truth, you will be deceived. And I want you to hear me well. I am going to repeat this statement:

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Signs and wonders do not guarantee or determine truth. The fact that someone is doing signs and wonders does not mean that he is doing the truth. Those are just signs that can come from any source. It does not determine the truth. You may say “o but miracles are happening there”. Of course, the miracles are to draw them into more deception into the place. The truth is only determined by the Word of God. But there is something the Bible calls “lying signs and wonders” and there is plenty of that everywhere.

Many Christians wrongly assume that every supernatural sign is from God. No. Satan can also perform signs and wonders. Remember the case of Moses in the court of Pharaoh. Pharaoh called the wise men and the sorcerers, and the magicians. They also put down their rods and their rods became serpents. The question is: where did they get that power from? They just counterfeited the power of God. Moses brought blood, they brought blood. Moses brought all kinds of other things and they did the same. In fact, they matched Moses 3-3 in scores. Until Moses did number 4, they gave up and said “this is the finger of God”.

I am praying for somebody here: every injury that prophetic deception has done to your life is cancelled now, in the name of Jesus.

So Satan can give people power to perform miracles in order to deceive people. Any pastor you go to, and you are paying an offering to see the man of God, that means whatever he had was not free, which is why he is collecting toll gate fee from you. All these things are happening. These are masters of deceit and they serve their food camouflaged with heavy sounding religious language. If you want to make a counterfeit N1,000 note, you will do it in the very same way the original money is.

And deception normally comes in convincing fashions, wearing the robe as if they are authentic, supported by sometimes credentials of intelligence, sometimes powered by evil popularity, supported by lying wonders, and spiritually gullible people are duped into following it. Plenty of old errors in new dresses are everywhere. This is where we are going to this morning. It is not everyone that can be deceived. That is the point I am trying to make. There are some “un-deceivable” people.

But there are certain characteristics of candidates of deception. For them to easily deceive you like that, there are some certain things that are in your own life that are making you susceptible to deception. That is why this message says “positioned for deception”. Listen to me very carefully:

  1. If you as a person are a naturally crooked person, you are not straightforward, you are insincere, then you are a candidate for deception. If your nature is like that, then you will be deceived. The majority of people you find in fake churches as ministers or members are themselves not sincere. They are crooked. So it is necessary they are paid back in their own coin. So if you are naturally crooked, definitely you are not a straight forward person and you are susceptible to deception. Anyone who is a sincere child of God, seeking God truthfully, and you get to a place and it is not the living God they are serving there, something within you will push you out to stop going there.

But when you are not pushed out like that, and you remain, you should examine yourself. So the first group of people that are candidates in the school of deception are those who are naturally crooked and insincere; those who are naturally not straight forward.

  1. The second group of people are those who are Biblically illiterate. They do not study or read their Bibles. They do not know what the Bible says. They do not know what the Bible says about anything. When you say ‘the Bible says “the trumpet shall sound, and we that are alive shall be caught up to meet Christ in the air, then shall it come to pass the saying that is written: Death is swallowed up in victory”, and you ask them to explain the meaning of that scripture, they do not know. They only know the saying:

“Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost: as it was in the beginning, so it is now, and for ever more”. But ask them what is in the beginning, they do not know. Ask them what is now, they do not know. Ask them what will be for ever more, they do not know.

When you neglect to study your Bible, men will just move you here and there. Any prophecy or vision anyone is giving or having, that has no basis in scripture is a lie.

  1. The third group of people are candidates of spiritual ignorance, not knowing anything about the things of the spirit. They are spiritually ignorant and one terrible thing that can happen is that for somebody to be ignorant, and is unaware of his ignorance, then he is in double danger. There is so much spiritual ignorance in the body of Christ today.
  2. The fourth candidates of deception are those who are too emotional and sentimental. They rely on their emotions and sentiments for everything. “I cannot leave that church because I was born there. My father bought the chairs and pulpit there.” Or “I cannot leave that church because the prophet is from our town” or “I cannot leave that church because I am the chair lady of the ladies’ group”. Reliance on emotions and sentiments
  3. The fifth are those who only look to human leaders outside God. They are not looking unto God at all. Some people do not care about the characters and behaviours of their leader. They have not read their Bible that says “by their fruits, you shall know them”.
  4. Those who accept miracles as the only guarantee of truth. They forget that the devil also works miracles, but that the devil has no free gift. He operates a primitive trade by barter. He may remove tuberculosis from a person and put in HIV. He removes poverty from a person and gives the person untimely death. Satan is capable of signs and wonders too. All these kinds of people are candidates for deception.
  5. Those seeking for Jesus the Baker. When some people heard that Jesus multiplied bread, they came to look for Him because of that and not because of what He was saying.
  6. I feel extremely sorry for this group. This group is those that the evil powers of their father’s house have decided to destroy them. So those who are under that canopy, you need to pray. Those powers will push you to a place where you cannot fight them. They will push you to evil prophets who are all operating under the same anointing. There are some young people now, the evil powers of their father’s house push them out of any fellowship where there is prayer. Something pushes them out of fire into the smoke.
  7. Those that are under effects of curses. If somebody has been cursed to be misled, he will always go to misleading places.
  8. Those who are proud. God hates anyone who is proud. And once somebody is proud, he is subject to deception. And those false prophets will deal with you.
  9. Those who hate the truth. They are those who do not like being told the truth. They do not like those who lash them, they want those who pamper them. And that is why there are some churches where for ten years, nobody has mentioned that if you mess up, you go to hell fire.
  10. Those who do not heed the warnings of Jesus. Jesus said “Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” So anyone who does not want to be deceived must get out of these 12 classes.

This is why we run foundational class, membership class so that you can be grounded in the Word of God. This is why we run spiritual clinic (Monday Bible study). This is why we have so many booklets that you can study and know the Word of God. This is part of why we have the devotional so you can grow in the things of God. One good thing you can do for yourself this year is to make up your mind that you must grow and be revived, you must become a danger to the enemy where you are, that darkness must see you and run. Make up your mind!


[Anything in my life that will make me a candidate of deception, Lord, take it out of my life].

  1. Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Arise, and make me fire! in the name of Jesus.

God bless you in Jesus’ name.

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